Please Welcome our official spiritual leader,
Rabbi Gary Karlin
We Are Family

כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה “Kol Yisroel Arevim Zeh LaZeh”

Beth Hillel Synagogue is a Conservative synagogue serving Bloomfield and the surrounding towns.  We offer a full range of religious, cultural and educational activities, including daily minyan, and adult education. Beth
Hillel is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue rooted in the ancient traditions of the Torah while growing to meet the changes and challenges of our world. Its core are the many people of different ages and backgrounds who have chosen to make it their spiritual home, joining together for prayer, learning, and celebration. The many branches of  Beth Hillel’s community provide support to its congregants, reaching out to each other and welcoming our neighbors as together we learn from the past and teach for the future.


To learn more about our synagogue, please call the office at 860-242-5561 Check out our page on Facebook and Like us at:


Passover Guide 2017/5777

Candle lighting Times
Shabbat Candle Lighting times for Bloomfield, CT 06002


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Office Hours
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
Wednesdays Closed
Fridays 9:30-1:30

Minyan Hours
Mondays -Fridays
7:30 am
Mondays & Wednesdays
7:30 pm
Sundays-9:30 am
Saturday Shabbat Services
9:30 am
Please call the office for Friday evening Services times-860-242-5561