Lay Leadership


Any organization is only as strong as its leadership. Beth Hillel Synagogue is fortunate to have men and women who work as hard for the synagogue as they do at their chosen occupations. Working via a variety of committees, our Board of Directors plans and organizes various programs and activities, ensuring the synagogue has direction and focus. The Board of Directors are elected by the congregation at the annual May congregational meeting.

The following congregants are serving on the Beth Hillel Board of Directors

President Alan Goodman

Vice Presidents Mark Goldberg and Stuart Kopel, & Penny Gitberg

Treasurer Norm Famely

Assistant Treasurer Lou Blumenfeld

Financial Secretary Richard Gutcheon

Assistant Financial Secretary Ronald Clymer

Recording Secretary Shirley Morrison

Corresponding Secretary Myrna Schaffman

Immediate Past President Jackie Isaacson

Board of Directors

  • David Baram
  • Barry Berson
  • Barbara Bloom
  • Ron Clymer
  • Stanley Cohen
  • Stuart Kopel
  • Bob Dubrow
  • Norm Famely
  • Jason Gans
  • Michael Gitberg
  • Penny Gitberg
  • Deb Goldberg
  • Mark Goldberg
  • Rona Gollob
  • Alan Goodman
  • Richard Gutcheon
  • Benson Horowitz
  • Jackie Isaacson
  • Louis Blumenfeld
  • Tobie Katz
  • Sidney Laibson
  • Madalyn Levy
  • Michael Gitberg
  • Tammi Kraushaar
  • Melvin Marcus
  • Shirley Morrison
  • David Nemirow
  • Joel Neuwirth
  • Myrna Schaffman
  • Steven Sandler
  • Sydney Schulman

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