Office Staff

Madalyn Levy

Madalyn Levy - office staff

Madalyn Levy has been the bookeeper at Beth Hillel Synagogue for two years. She is a wonderful person to have in the office with her bubbly and warm personality. Madalyn says, “it feels like a home away from home for me, mostly because of Rabbi Gary, Iris, and all the warm, wonderful people that are a part of the Beth Hillel family.” She has learned to play mah-jongg with her Sisterhood friends and also plays after Minyan on Wednesday nights. Even though she only works at Beth Hillel one day a week, she finds herself there more often as a place to pray, attend events, and socialize as well as a place she has made long-lasting friendships. In her free time she enjoys gardening, vacationing at the Cape, spending time with family and friends, and playing cards and mah-jongg.

Susan Fried

Susan Fried is the Administrative Assistant at Beth Hillel. She is the first person that members are greeted by when they enter the synagogue. She keeps track of the synagogue calendar, supports the sisterhood, brotherhood, as well as other committee chairs, as well as many other responsibilities that help keep the synagogue in order. In her free time she enjoys reading, exercising, spending time with friends and her three beautiful children! Check out her crafting business on Facebook:
The Madly Rad Hatter!

Joann Anderson






Joann E. Anderson,  Administrative Assistant works on Tuesday’s & Friday’s. “This is my first job working in a Synagogue. However, I enjoy learning the Jewish Religion and Culture.  I am looking forward to meeting all of our members!  The office staff here are very kind, understanding and helpful.   On my days off, I work with mentally challenged adults. My work experience also includes the Insurance Industry, which I did for over 20 years. I enjoys spending time with my beautiful grandchildren when I’m not shopping at Macy’s..    Feel free to contact me for your personal shopping experience or if you just want a shopping companion.”

Bonnie Eisenberg-Greene

Bonnie Eisenberg-Greene - Office Staff

Bonnie has been the Rabbi’s secretary for almost four years. She has many responsibilities that she takes very seriously, in order for the synagogue to run as smoothly as it can. The Rabbi has to acknowledge every accomplishment or condolence within the synagogue’s community so it is her job to make sure that these get composed and sent. Her other responsibilities include dictation of various types, phone calls to congregants, secular and clergy leaders, and many other matters that come up on a daily basis. She keeps track of any funerals that the Rabbi has officiated, as well as generating the Yahrzeit list each week to be read at services, and keep the Misha Berach list up-to-date (for people who are ill). She also assists Lynn with the weekly Shabbat booklet and other various general office matters to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

When she’s not at Beth Hillel, Bonnie is busy working as an english teacher, as well as working with special needs adults. When Bonnie finds time in her busy schedule, she likes to read, cook, go to the theater, travel, spend time with her family, friends, and her dog!

“I have met many very kind, generous, and hardworking people who are very devoted to Beth Hillel in the almost four years that I have been here,” said Bonnie.

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