Rabbi Gary Karlin

(L-R) The Karlin Family: Carol, Rabbi, Moshe, & Michal

Rabbi Gary Karlin has served as a congregational rabbi, a day school Rabbi-In-Residence, a teacher, an adjunct graduate school instructor, and a curriculum writer, translator and editor. His educational publications include Who Wrote the Bible? (IJE/Brandeis University), and a soon-to-be released curriculum on the book of Jonah (MaToK/Schechter).

Rabbi Karlin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA), and was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary, from which he also received an MA. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate at the Davidson School of Education of JTS (ABD). Finally and most importantly, he and his wife Carol are the proud parents of Michal and Moshe.

Rabbi Gary Karlin can be reached at rabbi@bethhillelsynagogue.org.

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