Our Brotherhood is far more than a social club – through Brotherhood, Jewish men find inspiration by participating and being involved in our synagogue while engaging in social issues and supporting our community.  We make a difference by providing educational, cultural, and religious programs, coordinating social action and religious activities, and sponsoring social events where men can come together for friendship and support.

The Brotherhood meets frequently at 9:30 AM for services followed by a speaker and great breakfast spread. The women are usually invited to participate in the speaker/breakfast programs. The meetings provide Beth Hillel Synagogue men and their friends with an opportunity to bond, be themselves and impact many other aspects of synagogue life.

Beth Hillel’s Brotherhood is affiliated with The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, a consortium of more 250 affiliated Men’s Clubs across the United States and Canada. If you are interested in learning more, becoming a member of Brotherhood, or obtaining a schedule of our events, please contact us.

Brotherhood is the foundation for a wide range of Beth Hillel functions, including supporting synagogue seniors,  Pizza party for the Sukkah Decorating Party, supporting our Tikkun Olam Community, High Holiday ushering, High Holiday sanctuary setup and teardown, Fundraising, and More.

For the Sake of our Community..
For the Sake of Beth Hillel Synagogue
and especially, For Your Sake…
Join us as we build Brotherhood!

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