Sisterhood is a member of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism which helps support the Jewish Theological Seminary. Our Sisterhood sponsors Friday Night Oneg Shabbat and Saturday Kiddush as well as a variety of service projects. In addition to being active in funding Synagogue programs, Sisterhood runs the Synagogue Judaic gift shop.

Sisterhood has a diverse membership of career women, working mothers, mothers who work inside the home, widows, singles, retirees. Together we form a family whose strength lies in valuing each individual and the experience of a shared community. Our projects and programs are educational, cultural, spiritual, and always social. Your participation will provide you with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, leadership development and connection to the national and international network of Sisterhoods. We are a warm and caring group of Jewish women committed to our congregation, to our community, and tikkun olam (repairing the world).

The membership fee includes dues to Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and supports our projects and programs. NEW Beth Hillel members will receive a complimentary first year membership to Sisterhood. We hope that all Beth Hillel women will join us, become involved, and reap the benefits Sisterhood offers.

Phyllis Berman is the Sisterhood President

Membership DinnerPhotos from our recent Paid Up Membership Dinner

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