Social Action

Tikkun Olam

In Pirke Avot, the Ethics of the Fathers, we are told, “Do not keep aloof from the community (2:4).” At Beth Hillel Synagogue, we go beyond giving tzedakah and take steps to address the needs of the community we live in and to make our world – at least our small portion of it – more just and accessible to all our neighbors.

Tikkun Olam at Beth Hillel is our approach and commitment to making “repairing the world” an integral part of our congregational life.

We have Project Drives activities include the following:

- on-going collection of non-perishable food and clothing for local food pantries and shelters

Operiation Isiah

Before Yom Kippur Kol Nidre services, we ask each congregant to bring five pounds of nonperishable food to the synagogue for distribution to the hungry. With 100% participation in this act of tzedakah, we would give two and a half tons of food to feed the hungry. We will work with the the Town of Bloomfield and local food pantries to distribute the food to local food banks. Last year, Beth Hillel families donated a truckload of non-perishable food items. Help us continue this important tradition. We know the need in our local food banks is greater than in years past. Give generously.

Loaves & Fishes Ministries

Loaves & Fishes Ministries is a charitable organization that provides human services to the poor in the Asylum Hill neighborhood of Hartford, CT. They serve low-income and poverty level individuals and families. Loaves & Fishes provides support services for these individuals trying to break the cycle of dependency. Once a year, Beth Hillel Synagogue volunteers serve food to those at Loaves & Fishes.

In addition, the Social Action Committee works with the Hartford Jewish Federation, USCJ and other area synagogue to support local food pantries, the Red Cross blood drive, dinners for the elderly, etc.

If you want to be involved with tikkun olam, we’ll help you find a way! Get involved! The need is great and so are the opportunities.


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