Donations to Beth Hillel Synagogue are gratefully accepted. Our membership dues cover the minimum annual expenses, not the full costs of running a synagogue. Additional contributions are always appreciated to help keep our activities going. Donations of money can be by either cash, check or credit card. All are of course tax deductible. To donate at any time, in any amount, contact Susan Fried at

Donations to synagogue programs are a meaningful way to congratulate friends on simchots or show you care in time of sorrow. When you make a gift for some special purpose such as honoring a happy occasion, offering appreciation or good wishes, or remembering a deceased friend or relative, a card is sent to the recipient family and your gift is acknowledged in the synagogue Beth Hillel monthly bulletin, Chai-Lites.

When you donate, you may designate that your gift go to the synagogue’s general fund or to one of the other existing named funds (listed below). Or you may choose some other expression such as buying the flowers for a service or sponsoring some particular event like an oneg, kiddush, or the like.

Here is a list of Beth Hillel Synagogue’s current established funds and a short description of the purpose of each:

General Funds

Donations offset everyday operating expenses for religious school, adult education, youth activity, ritual, programming, etc. thus keeping dues and tuition lower.

Endowment Funds

The Jewish Community Foundation administers these funds in order to maximize earnings. The Kiyuum Endowment Fund trustees spend the income in ways that it deems prudent. The principal cannot be spent. At times, the Synagogue Board requests income from this fund to help defray operating expenses.

  • Kiyuum Endowment Fund, 

Reserve Funds

These funds maintain the synagogue building, property and new prayer books

  • Building Fund , Ida & Samuel Cohen Wing, Kesten- Fishberg Chapel Fund, Prayer Book Fund

Designated Funds

Donations are used to further the aims and activities specified.

  • Scholarship / Stipend funds named in Honor or Memory of Joy Risa Berman, Edward Gershenowitz, Leon Glazer, Ethel Karp,
  • Jean Rosen, Samuel Rosenthal, or Rebecca Schwartz Lazowski
  • Youth Activity Funds named in Honor or Memory of Morris Feigenbaum, Jonathan Lodge, Fred and Ronald Pivnick, or USY and Kadima Youth
  • Higher Education Scholarship Funds named in Honor or Memory of the Post Family
  • Health & Human Services Fund in Honor or Memory of Alex B. Lebed Fund
  • Music, Arts & Entertainment Fund in Honor or Memory of Sless Music Fund, or Paul Wolfberg Entertainment Fund
  • Library Fund in Honor or Memory of Sidney Needelman Library Fund, Library Fund, or Library Programming Fund
  • Adult Education Fund in Honor or Memory of Rabbi Philip Lazowski Education
  • Ritual Fund in Honor or Memory of Edward N. Bromberg Ritual Education Memorial Fund, or Abe Morrison Shabbat Dinner Fund


Discretionary Funds

Donations to these funds enable the Rabbi or Rabbi Emeritus to make donations to people in need, arrange for programs they deem worthy or contribute to other causes they wish to support.

  • Rabbi Emeritus Philip Lazowski Discretionary Fund

Unnamed Funds

  • Memorial Plaques, Sisterhood Flower, Special Kitchen, or Kiddush Funds

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