Adult Education

The Talmud teaches us that Rabbi Akiva began his Torah studies in earnest when he turned forty years old – and at Beth Hillel Synagogue, it is never too late to grow your Jewishness ! With classes on all topics , a Scholar in Residence program, classes and other learning opportunities, we encourage all of our members to participate in lifelong learning.

Past courses have included Introductory Hebrew, Hot Topics in Conservative Judaism, Jewish Mysticism, Introduction to the Talmud, selections from the Midrash, Jewish Klezmer Music, Introduction to the Prayer Book, and Israel.

In addition to these ongoing programs, each year we offer a scholar-in-residence weekend. In 2007 our scholar was Joel Grishaver of Taurah Aura. In 2008 Dr. Avinoam Patt of the University of Hartford; and in 2009 Dr. Fred Lazin of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. This year’s program will soon be announced.

The Adult Education Committee presents a movie night and shows videos of Jewish interest. These have included various documentaries as well as full-length feature films. Our large screen television set makes it easier for a larger group to view these pictures.

In 2009, Adult Education sponsored the first Jewish Federation “Author on the Road” program in the Hartford area. Our author guest was Lawrence Malkin the author of “Kreuger’s Men”.

Twice yearly the Rabbi does a three-part series of classes on various topics.

In concert with Adult Education, our Minyanairres sponsors a Schmooze and Lunch program one or more Thursdays a month. This very popular program has brought guest speakers, interesting videos and other programs to the synagogue, followed by an inexpensive lunch. Lunch is $3.00 per person, schmoozing is free.

We are always open to suggestions and our Adult Ed Committee continues actively to find ways to appeal to a larger segment of our synagogue membership and get them involved in ongoing.

For more information on our Adult Education programs, contact Myrna Schaffman or Tobie Katz.

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