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Beth Hillel Synagogue owns a Jewish cemetery in East Granby. It has served families of our congregation for many years. Jewish non-members are welcome to be buried in the cemetery as well. The cemetery sits on several acres and provides a serene and peaceful final resting place.

The cemetery is located at 15 Wolcott Road in East Granby. It is possible to choose from single graves to multiple grave family plots as suits your family planning. Wide roads give lot owners and visitors easy access to all lots. The cemetery’s maintenance, beautification and perpetual care are paid for through donations and the sale of plots. Volunteers who operate the cemetery have dedicated themselves to serving the congregation and the community with dignity and compassion.

It is important to look to the future and plan ahead. It is wise to make your selection of a final resting place in a leisurely and unstressful situation. It is a supreme kindness to spare loved ones the added burden of this decision when the events demand hurried action under the strain of a deeply emotional time. By making your selection prior to need, you will have the opportunity to make a selection alone or with your family. This allows you to have a harmonious decision reached by you and your loved ones.

Weinstein Mortuary , Hebrew Funeral Association, and Carmen Funeral Home are all qualified to provide necessary services during this period.

If you need additional information or are interested in purchasing a plot, please contact the Office at (860) 242-5561 or Mel Marcus at (860) 242-2602.

Directions to Cemetery from West Hartford or Bloomfield

1. Take Bloomfield Avenue north (Route 189) for approximately 5 miles

2. At Route 189 and Route 187 junction take a left at the light and travel on Route 189 north for 3.5 miles

3. In East Granby, take a left at first traffic light onto Floydville Road

4. At next intersection, make a left onto Wolcott Road. Beth Hillel Cemetery is the first cemetery on the left after plant nursery.

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