– Marriage

Planning a wedding is no easy matter, but we’re here to help at Beth Hillel Synagogue. A Jewish wedding is celebrated with music, special blessings, and a wedding canopy all or part of which can take place at our synagogue.

Many couples choose to have a rabbi and perhaps a cantor co-officiate. We are open to more than one clergy officiating. It is important to understand that during the year we do not conduct Jewish weddings because of other holidays and observances. Please consult with a rabbi before choosing the final date and making other arrangements.

Note, the Rabbinical Assembly policy allows Conservative rabbis only to officiate at weddings when both the groom and bride are Jewish. Beth Hillel Synagogue warmly welcomes interfaith couples at all services and events. You are strongly encouraged to consult with a rabbi regarding any and all questions pertaining to a dual-faith household.

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