Shabbat Services at 6:15pm
Dinner with the IsraeliĀ Emissaries

Synagogue families: $12.00 adult, $8.00 child under 12, (under 3 free)
$35.00 maximum
Non-members: $13.00 adult, $8.50 child under 12 (under 3 free)

Shabbat Services

On Shabbat we leave the stress and competition of the week behind. As we come together for Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday Shabbat morning services, the congregation joins in pray, song and reflection, led by our Rabbi and lay leaders. Throughout the year, we celebrate Shabbat and holidays with a variety of prayer services and educational programs. Everyone is welcome to join us in prayer and study

Kabalat Shabbat

We welcome Shabbat every Friday evening in our Chapel or Sanctuary. After Services, we have an Oneg Shabbat (refreshments). Several times during year we hold services preceeded by a Shabbat dinner. Approximately once a every other month, we have a lively musical Ruach Shabbat and/or a congregational dinner. Several times during the year we have a guest Cantor.

Friday Evening Services 8:00 PM. Change to 6:15 PM when we have a Shabbat dinner before services

Shabbat Mornin

Our Saturday morning service begins at 9:30 a.m. The Torah Service usually starts at approximately 10:15 a.m. Children are always welcome. The Rabbi invites all children under Bar/Bat Mitzvah age onto the bimah at the close of services for Ein Keluheynu, Yigdal, and Adon Olam. We celebrate special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, trips to Israel, etc. – with an aliyah to the Torah! Please contact us to and tell us about your special occassion.


We say goodbye to Shabbat on Saturday evening at sunset. Our service includes Mincha (afternoon service), Ma’ariv (evening service), and Havdalah. This service is held in our Chapel. Once a month, we have Saturday Sundaes, a special make your own ice cream sundae or Hav-Deli, make your own deli sandwiches. Mincha starts at different times throughout the year. Please check our calendar or call the office at 860-242-5561 to confirm the current schedule.


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